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Safety and the Single Girl
Living on your own can seem scary sometimes. Home safety expert Bob Stuber says that one of the easiest ways to protect your home is through illusion. ( Read More... )
Back to School Safety Tips
There is no "right" age for kids to start walking or biking to school alone or with a friend. ( Read More... )
After-School Safety - Latch Key Kids
Smart parents know to do their homework today when it comes to home safety and security during the school year, especially if kids are coming home to an empty house. ( Read More... )
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About Bob Stuber

A former California police officer, Bob Stuber is one of America’s most recognized safety experts and a leading authority on family safety. Since 1996, Bob has been touring the United States and Canada with his nationally acclaimed Safe Escape show – a live multimedia program that empowers children and parents to make split-second, life-saving decisions when suddenly confronted with unexpected danger.

Bob Stuber regularly appears on such shows as Oprah, America’s Most Wanted, CNN American Morning, The Today Show, ABC Primetime, Fox National News, the O’ Reilly Factor and many other prominent national and international programs to educate the public about a wide range of safety issues – including child abduction, school and workplace violence, dating violence, senior abuse, home safety and terrorism – and to teach empowering pro-active safety skills to people of all ages.

Bob Stuber is a Child and Family Safety Expert for the United States Coast Guard – a division of the Department of Homeland Security and is the creator of the Safe Escape video/DVD series – an entertaining curriculum designed for children and parents to practice Bob’s pro-active safety skills at home and in schools.

In addition to his public shows and speaking engagements, Bob trains and certifies thousands of law enforcement officials and educators from around the country each year to teach his comprehensive safety programs in their communities.

Bob serves as the Safety Ambassador for a variety of nonprofit organizations – including Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD), The Danielle Legacy Foundation and the National Child Identification Program (in partnership with the American Football Coaches Association and the FBI).

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