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Safety and the Single Girl
Living on your own can seem scary sometimes. Home safety expert Bob Stuber says that one of the easiest ways to protect your home is through illusion. ( Read More... )
Back to School Safety Tips
There is no "right" age for kids to start walking or biking to school alone or with a friend. ( Read More... )
After-School Safety - Latch Key Kids
Smart parents know to do their homework today when it comes to home safety and security during the school year, especially if kids are coming home to an empty house. ( Read More... )
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Since 1998, Safety Expert Bob Stuber has been equipping thousands of safety minded community professionals with the skills they need to teach children and their families – in local schools and community centers- how to identify, take control and escape dangerous situations.

You can now become a certified trainer to provide life saving skills and information to families in your community.

Through demonstration and hands-on experience, you will learn:

  • Safety techniques and skills for age-specific presentations.
  • Techniques for communicating with children to instill confidence rather than fear.
  • The three phases of abduction (understanding the crime of abduction)
  • How to create effective Safe Escape presentations in the community.
  • How to communicate through the media as the community’s voice for Safe Escape.

Tuition includes:

  • Comprehensive training manuals
  • Safe Escape instructional videos
  • Periodic newsletters and updates
  • Official Safe Escape certification
  • Access to a password protected trainer portal where certified instructors
    can download:
    • Handout material for your events
    • Promotional materials
    • Video order forms

Certified trainers also have access to an online community forum where they can ask questions and get support from the experienced Safe Escape team and their law enforcement colleagues, as well as bi-monthly updates, newsletters, flyers, posters, video information, news and information about Safe Escape.

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